Our Heritage

With our passion for food, flavour and authenticity, Rasoi Catering guarantees that your guests will be treated to authentic Punjabi dishes, expertly crafted by our experienced award-winning chefs.

Every one of our dishes is cooked at your chosen venue from scratch and to age-old recipes, ensuring that your guests receive only the freshest and most flavoursome dishes.

From hand selecting our ingredients and preparing our curry bases and gravies from scratch, to creating each of our fresh desserts each day and cooking our grilled meats in coal fired tandoori ovens using only light pure corn oil, flavour and attention to detail are at the forefront of everything that we do.

With an unrivalled level of experience and exposure to culinary traditions acquired from years of working in kitchens not only in India, but throughout the world, our award-winning chefs know of only one way to produce food and that is the finest way.

Our team of chefs and the experience that they bring, enable us to experiment and play with new and exciting dish concepts based on age old recipes and methods, whilst being safe in the knowledge that we can deliver often challenging dishes day-in-day-out and to an outstanding standard.

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