Our Responsibilities

Rasoi Catering is a truly family affair and this means that everything we do is personal and from the heart.

We take our role in society seriously and as a result we established the Sikhi Sewa Mission UK, a charity set up by our family that built and now sustains a hospital in Dera Baba Nanak in Gurdaspur, Punjab.

The hospital, which has been solely funded by the charity since 2002, provides free medical treatment to the poor in and around Dera Baba Nanak and focuses in particular on the very vulnerable people in society – the young and the old.

Our close links to nearby Jalandhar through our family and friends brought to our attention the difficult and impoverished conditions that many people are living in. Access to medical treatment is extremely difficult to come by so the hospital provides an invaluable resource and lifeline for the community.

Rasoi Catering is committed to continuing our much-needed support of the hospital – 20 per cent of the profits of our businesses along with donations received from charity event and fundraisers are given to the charity. Plans are currently underway for a specialist elderly care unit and a mobile medical centre that could travel to people in need or those too sick to make the trip to hospital.

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