Let our Rasoi spice chart help you choose your next dish!

Our lovely customers have varying tastes when it comes to what they order.

Some love nothing more than a spicy meal packed full of flavour, while others opt for a milder, creamier dish.

However, many simply don’t know what they fancy and often have a tough time choosing between our mouth-watering Punjabi-style dishes.

So, to help our customers make their menu selection, here’s a spice chart to break down which dish would suit your tastes.


Jalfrezi is one of the spicier dishes we serve at Rasoi.

We marinate our chicken in garlic and mint, and then toss with ginger, bell peppers and spicy tomato to give it its heated flavour.

This traditional dish is a staple for spice lovers and one that our customers request frequently.
Madras is another of our traditional and much-loved spicier options.

Cooked with a spicy onion and tomato sauce, its sprinkled with chilli to give it a further kick.
Spicy Mussels are perfect for our seafood lovers who love a taste of spice! 

This aromatic dish is cooked using chilli and garlic, blended into a creamy and spicy coconut sauce.


Balti is one of our most popular medium dishes.

This dish is cooked with a delicious blend of spices and tomato and isn’t too spicy.

Desi Lamb is a beloved dish which our customers love once they try it!

This medium spiced meal is slow cooked in homemade garam masala sauce to perfection using the finest local ingredients.
Karahi is slightly on the spicy side of medium however it’s not too hot.

This popular dish is created using tender charcoal smoked chicken seasoned with freshly ground cumin, chopped onions, chilli and coriander.


Korma is the classic creamy dish for those who love a milder option.

Our Korma is blended using rich creamy coconut sauce, flaked almonds and tender spiced chicken.

Butter chicken is a creamy dish with a difference.

This milder dish is cooked in a rich tomato sauce with butter and cream to create a mouth-watering taste.

Murgh Malai Methi is a creamy dish with a hint of spice.

This dish is cooked using fenugreek and mixed spices to create a creamy and flavoursome effect.

If you don’t know what you fancy next time you visit, hopefully this will help to tickle your tastebuds!


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