Our Rasoi


Rasoi are a pair of award-winning Indian fusion restaurants in Swansea Wales. Passion is at the heart of everything we do, and we pride ourselves on serving the best quality food and providing impeccable service.

Rasoi Indian Kitchen

‘Rasoi’ means kitchen, and the number one priority was creating a welcoming, cosy environment to welcome guests from all backgrounds and walks of life. They carefully hand picked chefs from all over the world, who were absolute experts in their field, each having an input into the creation of the menu. Ever since, we’ve made an impression on Indian food in the UK. We’ve won numerous awards, opened another restaurant and continued to push boundaries. We believe that food is about having fun and being inventive and we constantly strive to innovate and evolve.

Rasoi Waterfront

In 2015, following on from the success of Rasoi Indian Kitchen, brothers Jas & Suki Kullar decided to open Rasoi Waterfront on the newly developed SA1 Area.

From the start, they decided they wanted to provide Swansea with something different, authentic but modern Indian food with a twist.

The brothers drew inspiration from tried and tested old family recipes passed down through the generations but wanted to add a modern palette and flavours. With fond memories from summers spent in Punjab while growing up, visiting family members and experiencing all of the many different flavours, smells and electric atmosphere of the street markets and wanting to incorporate the same excited buzz; the vision and direction of their restaurant started to come to life.

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